Belval Sports Center


The choice of location was guided by the aim of maintaining a clear line of vision connecting the town and the site, leading towards an esplanade that serves as a forecourt to the sports facilities and housing.

The complex functional programme and the wish to realise the project in phases prompted us to design two separate buildings, connected by an internal north-south walkway which serves as a foyer and as a communication backbone providing access to the various functions, while also contributing to the project’s energy needs. This also provides a clear overview of the various independent operations contained within the centre.

The sports complex, facing townwards, is a clean-edged block with a facade of tinted concrete panels. The main sports hall is surrounded by various smaller sports halls and the running track. The glazed facade of the climbing wall and the ventilation shaft are the sole protruding elements. The roof of the main sports hall is formed of sheds providing even overhead lighting and a support structure for the solar collectors.

The swimming complex, facing towards the sports park, presents a softer, more organic shape, clad in pre-oxidised copper, its roof a descending wave shape formed by the load-bearing structure of glue-laminated timber, which incorporates a skylight panel. The centre includes pools for children – also used by accompanying adults – and so we designed this space to create a relaxed atmosphere for recreation and leisure, with wide glazed windows opening onto the natural landscape of the park and natural overhead lighting.

The internal walkway, providing access to all the functional elements and the car park, is a glazed structure. Stairways and lifts are spaced along its internal facade on the sports centre side, providing public access to the 2500 seats for spectators. On the swimming complex side, the facade is mainly glazed, providing views of the pools. The walkway is designed as a temperate zone; it provides lighting for the centre’s main functions and also captures a significant amount of solar energy, which is used to heat the pool facility.

The sports pitches are freely arranged across a three-hectare park dedicated entirely to sports. The park’s layout is accentuated by a variation in the way the spaces are managed, ranging from areas of mown grass where users can relax, to taller grasses around shrubs and trees, and flower meadows that provide splashes of bright colour, varying through the seasons.

Le Fonds Belval
2012 (3rd place)
gross area
22.300 m2
Belval, Luxembourg
Beiler François Fritsch