The CARAT building, with its minimalist volumetry, is designed with an emphasis on functionality and modularity, ideal for commercial activities, storage, showrooms and offices. The structure is based on a grid of 8.10 m axes, offering spacious interiors for great flexibility of use and layout.

The ground floor and first floor are rectangular in shape, with very high ceilings, while the second floor houses the offices, with terraces on either side for double exposure and double external access (on the north-east and south-west sides). The basement includes parking spaces and technical rooms.

A decorative three-dimensional tubular aluminium belt surrounds the building, embellished with expanded metal panels. This belt adds character to the façade, making it unique and a real landmark in the urban landscape of the Gasperich district.

The 1.35 m grid of the decorative belt links the floors together visually, while acting as a sunshade to the south.

The project takes into account the possibility of dividing the building into two separate rental units in the future.

The external landscaping is designed for two unloading zones for delivery vehicles, with planted areas to the south and drivable areas to the north for maximum visibility from the main street.

5.025 m2
Luxembourg-Gasperich, Luxembourg