LuxConnect Data Center


LuxConnect’s new data centre DC 1.3 complements the existing campus and also includes a new reception pavilion, all made of concrete and a bridge connecting to the DC 1.1.

Particular attention has been paid to landscape integration, especially towards Bettembourg and the clarity of the functions.

The building, measuring 55 x 140m and with three storeys is almost entirely buried on the side facing the town of Bettembourg. The spatial organisation of the building is also reflected in the volume.

The central body, the heart of the building, houses the server rooms and expresses itself through facades in shiny metal cassettes.

The staircases, located at the four corners, as well as the administrative and technical areas, surround the volume of the servers and are separated by their trapezoidal sheet metal facade.

LuxConnect, Luxembourg
gross area
23.600 m2
Bettembourg, Luxembourg
Andrés Lejona