Luxexpo – Recast of the south entrance


The project includes the construction of two buildings for visitors to the exhibition centre, an open multi-storey car park, a storage building and the redesign of the forecourt between the buildings.

The entrances / corridors are intended for the reception and distribution of visitors. They are accessed from the multi-storey car park or from the forecourt.

The repetitive structure is an architectural response to the requirements defined by the construction program. The modules are designed in a wooden structure with supporting frames at 7.20 m intervals.

In order to create dynamic and diversified spaces, the modules overlap in depth, following the 2.50 m modulation of the lattice girders.

The sides are clad with translucent polycarbonate panels to provide a soft light that enhances the volume created.

Luxexpo s.a.
gross area
21.600 m2
Luxembourg-Kirchberg, Luxembourg
Andrés Lejona