Master plan for the new Hollerich district


The district of Hollerich in Luxembourg, an industrial site and a piece of Luxembourg’s history, is located in the city centre, close to the central station and all the main traffic routes of the country, with a magnificent centennial park.

The challenge of the project will be to create a new neighbourhood while integrating the traces of the past. The green spine, reserved for gentle mobility and public transportation, will give a centrality to the district, which will promote walking on foot and will reduce the distances.

Vehicle traffic will be minimized by encouraging underground parking, meeting areas or areas with speed limitations.

The project also wants to meet the challenge of creating a high urban density, while creating airy, living and intimate spaces.

The different neighbourhoods respond by their functions, their silhouette and their typology to their direct and existing environment, while proposing new ways of living and working in the city. Linked together by the central axis, they are punctuated with public spaces.

Société Landewyck Group
ongoing project
22.9 ha
Luxembourg-Hollerich, Luxembourg
Beiler François Fritsch