For this building, which concentrates all the activities that the area can provide, the choice of a mix of spaces was quickly imposed: shops, offices and halls structure the place to put up many companies.

The project consisted of the construction of a building with fully modular surfaces that allow customized layouts. It is also part of a sustainable and efficient design with controlled energy consumption and optimized living comfort.

In order to allow the integration of a large volume in a terrain with a particular topography, different functions with specific access levels have been created. They are punctually interrupted to access the floors. On the roadside, a main entrance with a forecourt allows you to reach the shops.

Located on the slab that covers the shops, the offices are spread over three volumes, and open onto interior gardens which provide a pleasant and privileged working environment.

The depth of the offices never exceeds 18m, which guarantees optimal natural lighting.

On the garden level, generous logistical access is offered to small and medium-sized businesses.

Finally, the choice of brown brick as the outer skin for the offices guarantees the durability of the façade and its maintenance over time while emphasizing a contrast with the glazed commercial base.

Triologie s.a.
gross area
10.700 m2
Leudelange, Luxembourg