Mixed use building


The building consists of a glazed base on the ground floor for offices, shops and restaurants. It is covered by an accessible roof that can be used by residents as a hanging garden.

Above the ground floor, two volumes face each other. One incorporates office space, giving the companies a high profile and contributing to the liveliness of the street.

The other houses residential units oriented south-west, facing a wooded area and set back from the street.

Gradually rising in the floors, the volumes are set back, creating roof terraces and green roofs made available to the inhabitants.

The external facades of the main volume are made up of dark-coloured perforated metal elements, blackout shutters on the office section and fixed cladding in front of the solid sections of the housing. The interior facades feature wood cladding, reinforcing the friendly character of the interior.

The entire project is designed to optimise energy use and respect the environment, for example by encouraging the use of bio-sourced materials. In line with the principle of the circular economy, the aim is also to ensure that the building can be dismantled.

General Technic Immobilière SCI
gross area
3.535 m2
Howald, Luxembourg