Music Center


The project for the music center was the subject of an architectural competition which we won in 2005. It included the construction of a rehearsal room for the brass band of Bonnevoie and a music school.

One of the particularities of the Bonnevoie district are the buildings in “second position” on private plots. The project takes up this idea to set up the music room in the background and to allow the front to be cleared, which then becomes a courtyard open to the neighborhood and towards the rue Pierre Krier.

The music school and the rehearsal room are superimposed, but their structure remains independent of each other for acoustic reasons.

At the same level as the music theory classes, the students benefit from a small 120 m2 playground. Communication between the music school and the rehearsal room is via the covered passage on the entrance square.

The inertia of the building has been reinforced, which led us to find specific solutions to combine sound absorption capacity and thermal inertia. For example, the top of the walls of the music room are made of black concrete with aa carefully designed profile or the recesses in the concrete (walls and ceiling) for judiciously placed acoustic panels that eliminate the need for false ceilings.

The overhangs on the forecourt on rue Pierre Krier, respectively on the access to the school “Gelle”, create a spectacular welcome.

City of Luxembourg
Winner and realization
Gross area
2.340 m2
Luxembourg-Bonnevoie, Luxembourg
Beiler François Fritsch