Park & Ride Car Park


The train station in Rodange is equipped with a new Park & Ride car park located in the north of the station, between the railway tracks and the Boulevard de l’Europe. This car park with more than 1,500 parking spaces on 7 levels allows cross-border drivers and residents to leave their cars there and use public transport afterwards.

The building is designed as an “open car park” with a naturally ventilated façade. Only the two circular access ramps for vehicles and the staircase are enclosed by concrete walls.

The facade is clad with aluminium slats that are fixed vertically and at different angles of inclination. This feature creates a more lively cladding, changing according to the light and the angle of view of the passer-by.

The car park is equipped with an intelligent car counting system to optimise the flow of cars during peak hours. A footbridge links the car park directly to the platforms and the passenger building.

CFL Luxembourg
gross area
46.557 m2
Rodange, Luxembourg
Shine | Photography