Project AIR


The project consists in the complete renovation of the office space and the extension of the building on the forecourt. The entire building, which is BREEAM certified, is covered with a new façade and the administrative surfaces have new completions and new techniques.

The particularity of the building and the extreme complexity lie in the fact that it is a renovation-extension of an existing building. The existing underground volume throughout the site has been retained and the car park has been kept in service throughout the demolition and roughing phase.

The large computer room at the highly sensitive ING bank was kept active in the middle of the building for the first six months of the project. To the 5,000 m2 of the existing office were added 3,000 m2 while achieving an energetic restoration of the existing parts and creating a coherent architectural ensemble.

Atenor Group Luxembourg s.a.
gross area
10.800 m2
Luxembourg-Cloche d'Or, Luxembourg