Redevelopment of the town centre of Rodange


In the past years the centre of Rodange has experienced a reduction in attractiveness, due mainly to the movement of shops near the highly frequented infrastructures : the N5 and the station of Rodange.

Moreover, the surroundings of the church and the shopping centre do not really resemble a city center.

With the project “Revaluation of the centre of Rodange”, a fundamental reorganisation of the street space is aimed, with the intention of creating a high-quality city centre, attracting the inhabitants and external visitors.

The general intentions of the project are to return the city centre to the citizens. The deviation of the current state road will free Rodange of important road flows. Thus, the city centre becomes a place of soft mobility and generates a meeting area, where pedestrians, bicycles and cars coexist.

The creation of two new public squares enhances the representative buildings of the city : the church and the cultural centre. These spaces become multifunctional and able to accommodate a market, an exhibition or a punctual event of the city. The installation of small green spaces, urban furniture and lighting improves the quality of these urban spaces.

Municipal administration of Rodange
ongoing project
3.34 ha
Rodange, Luxembourg
Beiler François Fritsch