Renovation of the administrative building at Boulevard Royal


In order to improve its environmental and architectural qualities, the building, 15 years after its construction, underwent an extensive renovation.

Only the concrete structure, the glass facade and certain elements of metalwork (staircases, railings) have been preserved. All the technical installations have been redesigned, the insulating facade, the flat roof, the windows have been changed, the interior fittings have been completely redone.

The building after renovation consumes about 60% less energy and its CO2 emissions are reduced accordingly. Its energy passport goes up from class E to class B.

In addition, the building is certified BREEAM Excellent. This score was obtained by respecting the criteria divided into 10 categories: management, health and well-being, energy design, transport, water consumption, materials, waste management, site use, pollution, innovation. All these points were taken into account at the beginning of the studies and implemented during the realization.

maître d'ouvrage
Pharos Real Estate s.a.
gross area
2.400 m2
Luxembourg-Center, Luxembourg
Andrés Lejona