Renovation of the "Möllerei" building


The Möllerei, located at the foot of the blast furnace A, is one of the industrial remains of the Belval site and is a symbolic building. Built in 1912, much of the building is classified. 170m long, its volumetry and envelope have been preserved as a characteristic feature of the site. In 2006, it was decided that the University’s library, the Luxembourg Learning Center, would occupy a section (110m).

The renovation of the remaining section was launched for “Esch2022” European Capital of Culture, which uses it as an exhibition venue, but the Möllerei is also part of the blast furnace tour.

The challenge of this project is not to introduce a new architectural gesture, but to intervene with the greatest respect for the existing building and its past, in order to restore this industrial vestige to its former glory. The architectural concept consists of conservation interventions to help visitors understand the building and its past activities, and additions to make it more suitable for visitors.

Le Fonds Belval
gross area
1.428 m2
Belval, Luxembourg