Residential homes


The site is located on the slopes overlooking the Moselle and is subject to the constraints of topography, geology and hydrogeology. The project proposes a development of the site adapted to the constraints by matching the built volumes to the natural slope of the land. This approach avoids the construction of large retaining walls and preserves the natural topography of the site.

The built complex is divided into two volumes, arranged around an open-air staircase, in order to better integrate into the surrounding urban environment and leave an open view over the Moselle valley.

The central staircase connects the upper part of the site, laid out as a semi-private green space, with the square below, which will be arranged as a public car park with vegetation and a walkway.

B.F. Invest s.a., Luxembourg
gross area
1.700 m2
Remich, Luxembourg
Andrés Lejona