School campus "Baggerweier"


The new school campus is located along the Route du Vin, surrounded by nature and close to the village centre. It integrates a primary school and a childcare facility under one roof, encouraging the shared use of space. The pedagogical concept is based on clusters for flexible organisation of space, offering children a variety of learning opportunities.

The complex is harmoniously integrated into the landscape thanks to its green roof and its shape, which allows for the creation of different schoolyard areas close to nature. The theme of nature and water is present throughout the architectural concept, in the choice of sustainable and healthy materials and in the design of the interior and exterior spaces. The playgrounds are divided into different themes and age groups and are complemented by a school garden and an outdoor sports field.

An area of land between the school and the ‘Baggerweier’ lakes will be transformed into a dune landscape, providing a haven for flora and fauna. The site is car-free, with a cycle path and pedestrian walkway along the Route du Vin. A direct bicycle link will be created between the village centre and the school grounds, without intersecting with car traffic. A bus station will be built, and the existing car park will be redesigned to meet the needs of the school and sports facilities.

The school building opens out towards the village, creating a public space. The tree-lined square will become a real meeting place for local residents.

The school campus also includes a sports hall for school and club sports, and a fire station whose access is completely independent of the school’s activities.

Municipality of Remerschen
15.378 m2
Remerschen, Luxembourg