Single-Family House


The single-family home is located in Belair on a steeply sloping lot, subject to a very restrictive PAP. The challenge was to be able to create a project that could house all the functions needed by a family of four and to maximize the very high investment in the site. To achieve these objectives, we opted for a Mansard roof, the only shape that would allow more than one level to be built.

In order to give the project a contemporary image, we deliberately broke all the roof lines and opted for zinc on the façade and roof, thus reinforcing the monolithic and sculptural aspect of the project.

Inside, the materials are mainly wood and concrete. Large windows provide plenty of light. A central staircase, emphasised by a wooden lath, runs through the entire house, linking the basements and upper floors and serving as a guideline to the project.

Gross area
600 m2
Luxembourg-Belair, Luxembourg
Andrés Lejona