Sports and Tennis Centre


This new building meets the needs of the municipality for additional sports facilities. In order to blend in with the natural environment of the site known as “Op Fréinen”, simple and compact volumes have been created. They house spaces dedicated to multi-sports, completed by a climbing area and various auxiliary surfaces (bleachers, cafeteria, infirmary…). An area is reserved for playing tennis with four indoor courts.

This new complex faces the existing football stadium and outdoor tennis courts. Paths connect all the sports facilities.

With a focus on respect for the environment and the preservation of health, several solutions were implemented: a high-performance thermal envelope, efficient exterior joinery, the orientation of the complex and a lighting concept that makes optimal use of natural light, wooden cladding on the façades to unify the volumes while offering the possibility of playing with the solid and empty spaces, and photovoltaic panels installed on the roof to produce electricity.

Municipality of Junglinster
gross area
6.600 m2
Junglinster, Luxembourg
Andrés Lejona