Urban Development "Bergfeld"


This new residential area is being developed on a completely untouched site. The urban planning is designed to encourage human relationships, promote encounters and provide high-quality public spaces.

Situated at the foot of the vineyards, the landscaped setting is privileged, although it implies specific wind management.

The forms of housing are varied and offer a high degree of flexibility, with the possibility of creating areas that can be developed at a later date. In this way, the housing will be able to meet new needs, without compromising the architecture, while still allowing for individualisation.

Cars are kept as far away as possible from the heart of the site. Shared car parks are built close to the homes, creating pedestrian-only zones that encourage residents to meet each other.

Local shops and services will add life to the ground floors. A crèche is planned at the entry to the site.

The public space is designed to encourage people to meet and forge social links between residents: meeting places, squares, communal vegetable gardens, shelters from the sun are all opportunities to enjoy shared spaces.

The energy concept favours the use of shared equipment, and water management is optimised.

Immo-CF Bergfeld SA
gross area
32.794 m2
Mertert, Luxembourg