Urban Development "AXS Scillas"


The redevelopment of this site, provoked and carried by the dynamics of the arrival of the tram, is to create another type of urbanism for this district located on the outskirts of the capital. The proximity of the Howald railway station also contributes to the accessibility of the district. This multitude of transport possibilities makes it possible to imagine a new density on the site, to introduce housing, to regroup workplaces by adding a mix of functions and to create a lively district.

In order to do this, five new buildings are spread over the site. Three are dedicated to offices and two are mixed with a predominance for housing, complemented by shops and restaurants. The combination of this density and the desire to have a reduced footprint leads to working with a higher building typology. At the corner of the site, the housing tower (10 floors) acts as a signal. The three office buildings function around a park, contributing to the new permeability of the soil. This landscaping also provides a transition between the Cloche d’or urban district and the Howald Forest.

Everywhere the human scale is preserved. Terraces animate the public space, which is crossed by paths reserved for pedestrians and cyclists.

Société d'Investissement Howald SA
gross area
58.239 m2
Howald, Luxembourg