Water Tower


Designing a water tower is always a real architectural challenge because it permanently shapes the landscape and meets the difficult demand for discretion.

Our idea, which was favorably received by the local residents, was to propose an elegant construction with fine and clean lines that blends perfectly into a forest landscape, while creating, as a sculpture would do, a new landmark.

The water tower houses a 150 m3 storage tank, divided into two entirely prefabricated stainless-steel tanks and an underground tank with a capacity of 500 m3, fully integrated at the base of the tower.

The choice of a rectangular plan was therefore very quickly imposed to be able to vary the proportions of the elevations. The volume is sculpted to refine the work and the cutouts are made of anodized expanded metal on a wooden frame to allow the whole to age evenly without any special maintenance. The two materials, concrete and metal, interact on the entire surface of the tower to better reinforce the architectural idea.

Municipality of Bech
6.000 m3
Altrier, Luxembourg
Andrés Lejona